FOWMS - Friends of West Meon School


FOWMS is a committee of parents  who work tirelessly to support the school through a variety of fundraising activities.  The money raised is used for resources to support and enhance the children's learning.  As part of the fundraising FOWMS organise exciting social events for the children, such as film clubs, discos and the ever popular ice creams on Sports Day!

FOWMS has their own Facebook page.  Why don't you take a look and like their page.  You would then be notified of any meetings/events immediately.

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FOWMS Newsletter September 2023


Welcome back to school everyone - I hope you all had a great summer!

We have already kicked the year off with Bags2school and the Macmillan coffee afternoon today! 


This term we are looking forward to running

Halloween Disco Friday 20th October 

Popcorn club (Christmas Theme) Friday 17th November - Films showing are Nativity and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Tickets are £3 for one, £5 for two and £7.50 for three.

Father Christmas comes to West Meon Thursday 14th December - volunteer elves are needed!

Wreath Making  in the church on Thursday 14th December from 7pm - 9pm.  Tickets are £35 

Fundraising objectives


This year the school is in need of significant support from FOWMS to help fund renovations to the children's playground. It is in need of resurfacing and this comes at a large cost. Therefore,  we are hoping to run some larger events to either help pay for this or fund other areas that might need additional investment if the schools resources are funnelled towards this major project. I really hope we can pull together to achieve something special this year!


What’s Happening Now!

Halloween disco/Pumpkin party -Meeting Friday 6th October 2.15 onwards until pick up

We are hoping to run our annual disco on Friday 21st October (time tbc) 

We will be having a organisation meeting as listed above but if you can’t attend and have any ideas please reach out. We would be particularly keen if you can help with

  • Volunteering at the event
  • Have (and can run) musical equipment and lights
  • Can help source any refreshments (crisps in bulk, drinks etc) at low or no cost. 

We would love to hear especially from the year 6 parents about how we could make this event special as this will be the last one for your children! 


Wreath making - Last year the wonderful Susanna Jarrett lead our Christmas Wreath Making session however she has now closed her business and is unable to return! If you know of anyone who can help us with this event please get in touch asap! 


Upcoming project groups - 2024!


As previously mentioned the school are hoping for us to provide fundraising for a large goal this year and this means we need to look at running some larger events. I cannot do this on my own so looking at parents who would be able to help organise the following events.


Sponsored run - suggested date Easter or May

Do you like sport? Have you organised any sporting events? We are looking for parents interested in planning a short sponsored run for the children (think bunny hop or May Mile!) Could your company or employer sponsor the event - helping pay for the location, medals and prizes?


Family fun day/festival 

The summer is often a busy time with local fetes and shows - but West Meon school currently does not run such an event. In order to be a little different we have an idea to run a family festival/fun day with live music, bbq and a bouncy castle etc. Again we are looking for parent input big or small to get this off the ground - and again a corporate sponsor would be incredibly useful!


To register your interest in helping with these events (in anyway big or small!) please use the following form. If you have any alternative ideas we would love to hear them too via this form! 


Holly T - FOWMS chair

FOWMS get involved!

We would like to know if you can get involved in our planned fundraisers for 2024





FOWMS treated the children to afternoon tea on Wednesday 3rd May to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.  Take a look at some great photos HERE

On Friday 20th October FOWMS organised a Halloween Disco for the whole school. There was a pumpkin carving competion and the outfits were amazing!

FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 0
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 1
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 2
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 3
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 4
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 5
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 6
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 7
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 8
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 9
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 10
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 11
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 12
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 13
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 14
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 15
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 16
FOWMS Halloween Disco 2023 - image 17