Currently, we are without a vicar to take collective worship in our school, so we have linked with Christchurch Winchester Schools Team to come into the school on Wednesdays to provide regular collective worship which is Christian in nature.

Each assembly includes an introduction to a bible story, a short talk with the application, a song and a prayer to close.  We hope the children will find these assemblies enjoyable.  We  also hold Celebration Assemblies on Fridays and award certificates to the children who have shown exceptional Respect, Courage and Creativity. 

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Goodbye Rev Peter and Welcome Rev Tony

On Monday 22nd January we said our goodbyes to Reverend Peter and welcomed our new vicar, Reverend Tony.  This photo shows Rev Peter handing over the stole to Rev Tony.



On Monday 25th September Foxes class led our Harvest service in the church.  Rev Peter Sutton led the prayers and the children read out the meaning of Harvest and challenged us asking us to tell each other what they are grateful for.

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Celebration Assembly

Each Friday we hold a Celebration Assembly for the children.  Children are awarded certificates, which have been nominated by their class teachers and representing our three core values, Respect, Courage and Creativity.  They also celebrate all the “Booms” children have received during the week.

If the weather is warm and sunny we sometimes hold our Celebration Assemblies outside by the church.


Christchurch Group

The Christchurch Group came into the school on Wednesday 24th January and spoke about how Jesus calmed the waters after the storm.  They explained to the children how to be calm when something is worrying you.


Christchurch Calming the Waters - image 0
Christchurch Calming the Waters - image 1
Christchurch Calming the Waters - image 2
Christchurch Calming the Waters - image 3
Christchurch Calming the Waters - image 4

Mary Touchet

Mary Touchet was the school's founder.  Mary is buried in the church graveyard opposite the school and each year the school remembers her by placing flowers on her grave.  Read all about her amazing story HERE