The Small Schools Group (SSG) is a group of seven primary schools in the Petersfield area who are committed to working collaboratively to share expertise and resources for the benefit of all children within the group. The SSG consists of Buriton Primary School, East Meon C of E Primary School, Froxfield C of E Primary School, Langrish Primary School, Sheet Primary School, Steep C of E Primary School and West Meon C of E Primary School who work together to address the specific needs of small schools.

Through the SSG, the following opportunities are provided for staff, governors and children:

* Headteachers meet regularly to share best practise, plan teacher training and enrichment activities for children, and review the impact of the group's collaborative work.

* Chairs of the Governing bodies meet regularly and whole governing bodies benefit from shared governor training.

* Teachers meet on a half termly basis to share their approaches to teaching, planning and assessment.

* Teachers share joint training opportunities

* Children work together with other children across the group on a range of enrichment activities including sports and music

Through this collaborative work the schools benefit from:

* A shared strategic vision for school improvement

* Sharing of resources with improved economy of scale

* Sharing of expertise in order to raise standards

* Improved quality of teaching leading to improved outcomes for children