Egg Decorating & Rolling

It has long been a tradition at West Meon Primary School to ask children to bring two hard boiled eggs into school during the last week of Spring Term.

In the morning the children get to decorate one of their eggs which is then judged and chocolate eggs are  awarded for the best decorated eggs.  This year the winners were:

YR   Toby Bassil

Y1    Caitlin Mattocks

Y2    Caspian Barlow

Y3    Hermione Holgate

Y4    Haddy Howard

Y5    Rheba Cole 

Y6    Thomas Bray


Take a look at the fabulous eggs they decorated.



During the afternoon the children took their second eggs into the playground to "roll" them.  The children who rolled their eggs the furthers also won a chocolate egg.  The winners were:

YR   Evie Storey

Y1   Ali Rogers

Y2   Bella Middleton-Sewell

Y3   Hermione Holgate

Y4   Logan Mattocks

Y5   Tilly Bassil

Y6   Fritha Boardman