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Maths focus week beginning 8th June

For the rest of this term we are going to revise the important skills and methods we have been learning over the year.  One of the most important of these is place value understanding.  This week we are going to remind ourselves of the place value of different digits through practice tasks, investigations, games and puzzles.


Choose whichever size numbers you feel you need to work on.  As a general rule when recognising the place value of each digit; Year 4 work in thousands, Year 5 in tens of thousands, Year 6 in hundreds of thousands and millions.  There is also some practice with hundreds numbers and decimals.  However, go with whatever you are comfortable with, don't worry about the year group.

Need some reminders about important information about place value? Click here.


Practice with 3 and 4 digit numbers

Practice with 5 digit numbers and decimals

Practice with numbers up to and including millions


Investigations, games and puzzles

Snakes and Ladders - 3 digit numbers

Place value coin game - different levels of difficulty

Place value riddle cards

4-digit place value investigation

Decimal place value challenge cards

Solve the mystery - straightforward

Solve the mystery - challenge


If you would like to play some online games to practise place value, have a look at these links:

Place value charts - for thousands and decimals

Shark numbers - good for 3 digit revision

Place Value Millionaire - a range of number sizes