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English focus week beginning 22nd June and 29th june

For the next two weeks we are going to focus on personification in poetry - where human characteristics are given to non-human objects.  The poem we are looking at is called 'The Dreadful Menace'.  The link below will take you to a YouTube clip of this.  There is also a link to a trailer for the Winter Olympics which uses the poem to great effect - watching this is part of one of the activities.

'The Dreadful menace' poem YouTube clip

Winter Olympics trailer - don't watch this until you have thought of your own images, though!


Click here to open the document which includes all the main activities for the next two weeks plus a few optional extra activities.  


I think it is a great poem;  very dramatic!  See what you think!


Week beginning 29th June

I hope you have enjoyed the poem so far.  If you think you may finish before the end of the week, or you wish to try something different, have a look at the links below for some great writing ideas which Mrs Moritz has found:

Writing Challenge for July: a calendar for the month with a different writing idea for each day

Quickfire Write: a description from the  litfilmfest website: 'The Quick-Fire Write challenges you to write around 200 words based on the 4 questions at the end of each video, around 50 words per question!'