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English focus week beginning 1st June

Before half term, we looked at magic doors.  This week we are going to take the idea of a magic door or portal to write our own portal stories.  Let your imagination run wild!

Click here to download the document which gives you all the information on planning and writing your own story.


If writing stories is not something you enjoy, or if you could do with practising writing speech or using paragraphs before you write your story, have a go at these activities:


Paragraphs - straightforward activities

What is a paragraph?

Sequencing paragraphs


Paragraphs - more challenging

More than one paragraph


Paragraphs - Year 6

Paragraphs in fiction


These activities will give you practice at using speech.  They are shown here in order of difficulty, starting with the most straightforward. If it would help, have a look at the document of helpful hints which reminds you about how to write speech and explains the difference between direct and indirect speech.

Mrs B's helpful hints

Recognising direct speech

Recognising direct speech (2)

Punctuating direct speech

Writing direct speech

Direct and indirect speech