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English focus week beginning 18th MAY

This week we are going to explore the mystery of magic doors!  Use your imagination to come up with ideas about what you might find if you come across a magic door and peek through...…….


Please go through these activities in order.  Once you've read the introduction, you might want to try the artistic challenge first before you do activity 1, just to get your imagination going!  If it helps, have a look at the page of images before you start.

Images of magic doors

Artistic challenge

Introduction and Activity 1: collecting ideas

Activity 2: create your own poem


After this, you have two text extracts to choose from for the other activities linked to magic doors; a straightforward text or a more challenging text.  Choose whichever folder of activities is best for you.

Straightforward text: Elf Road

More challenging text: The snow-walker's son


We will be using the theme of magic doors to write a portal story after half term.


I look forward to seeing where your imagination takes you...……….