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General resources

Educational Website Suggestions
Here is the original list of websites that we sent out. This has the multiple website that we believe are good, educational suggestions.
Educational website suggestions

Outdoor Activities 
Here is a range of activities that have been put together that you can do with your child outdoors. They can collect parts from walks that you may go on (which we do encourage) or just from the garden. Give some a go! If you get a chance, you could take some photos and send them to the school office!
Outdoor Learning Pack

The Woodland Trust has an excellent website with suggestions of activities to enjoy in your garden. Click here for the link.

Some of you would not have a chance to go outside or may not have a garden available for children to run around in. I have linked to you The Body Coach 5 Minute move for children. You can do one (or as many as you like) to get children moving during the day. Alternatively, they really enjoy dancing and making up their own dance routines. Although I cannot give you the schools Jump Start Jonny login, I have put together a list of songs that we regularly use that you can play for the children. They know the dances very well and love dancing to them! We have also been doing some calming meditation in class with an app called Smiling Mind (linked below). The children love it, it's free and you can put in the age of the children who are listening (aka Year 2 or Year 3). It helps them to recognise certain feelings, you might like to give it a go as a 'calming' resource before bed. It is free to make an account with Go Noodle that we use in our classroom. There are other applications that you can sign up for and use, that I have also linked below. 
Joe Wicks
Energetic Jump Start Jonny
Relaxing Jump Start Jonny
Smiling Mind App
Go Noodle
BBC Supermovers
iMoves (free, just need to sign up!)
Change 4 Life
My Activity Passport
NHS Get Active Your Way
Active Kids Do Bette

The computing curriculum asked for children to be able to do many things. One part of the curriculum that we are going to be focusing on into the summer term is coding. At school we use different programmes such as scratch. However, there is a range of 'free' programmes the children can use to get used to 'coding'. You can use this link to see different ones that you may like to use.
Khan Academy
Code Combat
Code Monster
Code Monkey

Non-screen activities


There are plenty of opportunities for children to be doing art. I have found some websites that can support this and give children new ideas. On the 'World Book' link in English there are lots of drawing books. Alternatively, children may 'draw with Rob'. Rob delivers videos on how to draw, all you need is a pencil, a piece of paper and sometimes colouring supplies. He's doing one a day and you can start whenever you like! Have a look. 
Draw with Rob


To keep the children's religion education going. Mrs Moritz has found a project that promotes peace and love. It is called 'The Peace Pole Project'. It is the world famous symbol for hopes and dreams. 
You can learn about what it is here.
You can find out more by visiting their website. 
You can make a 3D version here. 


How well do you know your times tables?  Work through these Speedy Tables challenges and see how far you can get.  Don't worry if you'd rather not time yourself!

Click here for Speedy tables sheets

Times table rockstars

Use this brilliant website to become more automatic with your times tables facts.

Click here for the link.

Magic Squares

Can you use your problem solving skills to find the missing numbers in these magic squares? 

Click here for the link and then choose the level you are happy with. Challenge yourself to work through the levels.

Measuring - Length

Two activities to help you practise your measuring skills!

Click here for measuring and converting practice.

Click here for a measuring investigation involving your family!

Here is an excellent game for practising reading scales - choose the level you are happy with. Click here for the link.

White Rose Maths Home Learning

White Rose Maths provides a number of resources which we often use in school.  To help during school closures, a series of lessons for each year group is being put online to provide activities for children along with video clips to help understanding.  Please click on the links below to access these resources.  New lessons will come online each week, so please keep an eye out!

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Click on the link below  to practise different Maths and English skills.

IXL maths and English

Maths games to play with a partner

Click on this link to the nrich website which has some great games to play with a partner to practise your maths and reasoning skills.

More Maths puzzles!

Use your place value and rounding skills in these puzzles.

Round three dice

Four-digit targets


We have been learning about solids and liquids and have begun to think about what happens when a solid is heated. 

Become a chocolate smuggler! 

Children are trying to smuggle chocolate into class by putting it into their pockets, but it always ends up a squidgy liquid mess. What chocolate would be best to smuggle?  If it is possible, find out which type of chocolate remains the most solid when it is heated in your hands.  Milk or dark? Galaxy or Dairy Milk?

How does the melting temperature of different solids vary?

Research different solids, e.g. different metals, rocks etc and find out at what temperature they melt. Present your findings in whichever way you choose - graphs, posters or charts.



Physical Challenges
Perins School is kindly sending a  new programme out each week for you to take part in and record your scores - how much can you improve each week? 

Click here to download the challenge.

Click here for Week 2 of the challenge.


In the Hall of the Mountain King is a famous piece of music by Edvard Grieg. Click here to download a powerpoint with activities linked to the music as well as a chance to watch it being performed.

Out of the Ark Music produce some of the wonderful Nativity Plays we enjoy performing each year.  During the school closures, the company is selecting a song a day to be put on the website for you to learn and sing along with.  One of our favourites, 'Living and Learning' is one of the songs!

Click here for the link.


This term we have been studying the legacy of the Ancient Greek civilisation.

Can you create a poster to say thank you to the Ancient Greeks for all the things they left us? 

Think about the things we have found out about this term - the alphabet, the influence of the Greek language, the Olympics, architecture.


Booklists - Suggested reading

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Audio books
Hampshire Library  offers free eBooks and eAudiobooks. Through this link you can access the eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Hampshire Library


For the next two weeks, please revise all the spellings you have learnt this half term.  Make sure you know the meaning of the words; use a dictionary to find out the meaning if you are not sure. Click on the link for your group's spellings.

Yellow group

Orange group

Blue group

Green group

Fun ways to practise your spellings

Spelling board game

Click here for a board game to use to practise your spellings. You will need your group's list of spellings to play.  Instructions included.


Eric: a short story by Shaun Tan

We have enjoyed reading this story in class.  Refresh your memory of the story and then create your own writing inspired by Eric!  If you would like, you can email your finished products to school - I will love reading them!

The story

Writing ideas inspired by the story

Grammar practice

Practise your relative clauses by completing this relative clause crossword. Click here to download.

Explore these games to practise your grammar. Click here for the link.

Creative writing

Get your imagination going with these writing topics!  I would love to read your wonderful ideas.  Click here to download the subjects.

Ted has been very busy producing some excellent writing as well as working on some Maths challenges .

Click HERE for some pieces of his writing for you to enjoy!


Lucy has written a beautiful poem about her Granny, using some wonderful similes. Click here to read it.