Foxes Find a Dragon Egg

Foxes topic this term started off as a secret! The children had to find different clues to help them find out the answer!
Clue 1: Treasure Hunt
The children had different clues around the school. Each clue had a different puzzle piece in it. The children had to find all 8 pieces and then make the picture. They decided that the picture was of the Nature Station.
Clue 2: we went down the nature station. The children knew there was something hidden but they didn’t know what. They searched and searched until they found a massive golden egg! It was very exciting. But what was inside?!
Clue 3: The Egg by M. P. Robertson.
We read the first few pages of our new book. The egg began to crack, we saw an eye. what was inside?!
Clue 4: Rest of the book
We found out that the topic is Dragons! They were very excited. Stay tuned for some diary entries about finding a special egg.

Well done Year 3 for making a special nest for the egg!